Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Colombian President Uribe expressed appreciation for Cuba’s support for his country’s peace process. His words came in a statement about a visit of a Cuban delegation that ended with a commitment to increased cooperation with Cuba in energy and agriculture. AFP report here.


Anonymous said...

Phil, what do you think about this story that Val Prieto is a chivato?

Anonymous said...

Is Val Prieto the guy who runs Babalu like a wannabe dictator without the island?


Anonymous said...

Val is the one who claims to know Cuba better than anyone, yet hasn't been there, in decades. He can barely speak spanish and only listens to those in the echo chamber. He is a rabid right-winger, in all sense of teh word. He is war monger not just with cuba but with Iran, VZ etc.

jose said...

Val sucks.