Friday, February 24, 2012

Senator Leahy on Alan Gross

AP: Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy met Cuban President Raul Castro in Havana and came away with the message that "we have a long way to go" before jailed USAID contractor Alan Gross is released.


Anonymous said...

while it is appreciated and understood why Alan Gross is an important issue; it is far and away not even the closest matter of importance between these two countries. The more it is publicized the less chance of resolution. And after the latest revelations in the AP article, only diplomatic form to approach it is to acknowledge his culpability -- the man himself has -- so should US representatives.

Anonymous said...

This was just an exploratory meeting to explore the acceptability of possible alternative solutions for both parties.

Obama is using non state department negotiating channels because he is aware of Hillary Clinton's strong opposition to a possible deal.

Hillary can adopt such a position because she does not have to run for reelection.

Obama and the Democratic Senators must be more flexible in order to be able to be reelected and survive.

Both sides are still haggling going on about the best possible alternative solution to adopt that would be most convenient to their political interests.

But some sort of a decision must be reached soon in order for it to have a favorable impact on the 2012 presidential election campaign.

The problems implementation by which we mean,adequate timing of the decision and the sequence in which the proposed prisoner swaps will occur are also crucial and will also probably have to be decided.

But what is going to be the solution will probably have to be defined before being able to specify how to implement it.

Mr. Peters, have you got any information about the impact of Hugo Chavez's health prognosis on future Cuban government reforms?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Peters,
Let's make a dual effort to connect the dots!

1- Two US senators meet with Raul Castro.
2- They are allowed to visit Alan Gross.
3- Rene gonzalez asks for permission to visit his dying brother in Cuba.
4- Cardenal Ortega visits a convicted US spy on a hunger strike.
5- Convicts in Cuban prisons send a letter threatening to go on a strike unless political prisoners are amnistied.
6- Papal visit to Cuba from the 26th to the 28th of this month.

I would say the Cuban government and the Catholic Church do not want any more hunger strike deaths to mess up the Pope's visit.

Also that the Cardenal told the spy quit your hunger strike, I guarantee you that you will be freed soon.

I would also speculate that Borges will be swapped for Ernesto Gonzalez as an apperitif or as part of the main course in a spy deal of some sort before or during the Papal visit.

Similarly I believe that all the existing political prisoners in Cuban jails heard rumors about the coming swap and all want to be included.

Something seems to be cooking!

What are your readings of the tea leaves Mr. Peters?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Peters,

To cop things off, now we have Hillary Clinton making agreeable noises about recent Cuban prisoner releases.

I am mystified! What do you think is going on Mr. Peters?