Thursday, April 18, 2013

Everyone wants to be Cuban

Federal proscutors in Miami brought 20 cases of immigration fraud yesterday involving foreign nationals who allegedly posed as Cubans to take advantage of the separate U.S. immigration policies that favor any Cuban national. 

The cases include individuals who were apparently in the business of helping would-be immigrants to obtain fake documents that would show that they are Cuban.  There is so much fraud of this type that the U.S. Attorney’s office has a special effort to fight it, called Operation Havana Gateway.

There were three cases where the individuals claimed that they were born to Cuban parents (see cases 14, 17, and 18), intending to take advantage of a ridiculous Bush Administration policy that allows anyone born to a Cuban parent anywhere in the world to be treated as a Cuban national if they wish to immigrate to the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Immigration fraud is not the most serious consequence of the Cuban Adjustment Act.

This law actually allows not only the Cuban government but other governments to introduce spies into the US.

The Cuban government could do so in huge numbers by putting them close to US shores in fishing boats and allowing them to reach the coast in rowboats or rafts.

Once on dry land they could ask for legal entrance to the US under the dry foot, we foot regulation of the Cuban Adjustment Act.

Alternatively the Cuban government spies could enter the US by emmigrating to a third country and then arriving at a US airport or seaport or requiring asylum at the Canadian or Mexican borders.

Foreign countries and pro jihad groups could also infiltrate spies or terrorists into the US through similar procedures by providing them with falsified birth certificates stating they were the children of Cuban parents born abroad.

To provide the US with adequate security in this dangerous day and age, all prospective immigrants to the US should first be screened and approved by US counselar officials.

Exceptions such as those of the Cuban Adjustment Act are unacceptable because they provide dangerous loophole hostile governments and terrorists organizations can make use of to endanger US security.

For this reason they should be done away with in the coming Immigration Reform Law that will be introduced in Congress shortly.