Thursday, August 23, 2018

New Cuba travel advisory

The State Department has downgraded its Cuba travel advisory, urging travelers to exercise “increased caution” and no longer recommending that Americans “reconsider” travel to the island.

In the advisory, the State Department continues to say that “attacks” against U.S. diplomats took place in Cuba even though officials have arrived at no explanation for the harms that befell our personnel. Diplomats at multiple posts in China reported similar symptoms, but no attacks have been alleged there.

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Davidow said...

The travel advisory was largely a technical mistake by the State Department and I'm heartened that the warning was reduced, because Cuba is crime-free and Trump's Cuba policy memorandum called for banning Americans from doing business with the FAR-run conglomerate GAE S.A. while continuing Obama's outreach to small businesses in Cuba. If Diaz-Balart or Curbelo lose re-election this November, and Nelson wins re-election, then Trump could ask his aides to propose an art-of-the-deal framework that negotiates the lifting of remaining economic sanctions against Cuba in exchange for restitution of property claims and in the longer-term political change, because Trump is eager to apply Art of the Deal principles of foreign policy.