Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Odds and ends

  • Vigilia Mambisa writes the President, says it’s time to get busy. See Rui’s post.

  • They left out the word anexionista, but otherwise it’s all here: the Posada Carriles case, the accusations against the Cuban American National Foundation, etc. A special section of Granma on-line in the face of “lies and infamy from the Miami mafia.”


Mambi_Watch said...

Just a reminder to readers, Vigilia Mambisa is headed by Miguel Saavedra who organized a protest in January, with other groups like Apha 66, in opposition to Luis Posada Carriles' detention in El Paso, Texas.

They were met with counter protesters on Calle Ocho who were almost immediately attacked. Its all caught on video here:

Saavedra is the one throwing his mega-phone at the counter-protesters.

This new declaration by Vigilia Mambisa is no big deal, in my opinion. It's but another effort to keep the anti-Castro militancy (the little that exists) alive in Miami.

A recent interview with the secretary general of Alpha 66 in Libertad newpaper (a local publication) revealed that Alpha 66 still uses their hidden training camps, but "under the laws." They don't use automatic weapons, or explosives. But they say they are ready for some moment in the future.

The F-4 Commandos also recently appeared on Radio Mambi in a fund-raising effort (selling a music CD) asking for support of its "sabotage" operations.

But, so far, there's no indication that they are doing anything else beside waiting. Doing nothing more like it.

leftside said...

I was stunned when I saw a Alpha 66 storefront on Calle Ocho. I could not believe these groups operate so openly in South Florida, even during the global War on Terror.

On a related noted, the next round of appeals for the Cuban Five begins August 20th. For those who don't know, the Five were given life in prison for keeping tabs on these violent extremist groups in Florida for Havana. They were arrested days after the Cuban govt transmitted details about impending plots originating on US soil to the FBI. The Five’s actions were never directed at the U.S. government. They never harmed anyone nor ever possessed nor used any weapons while in the United States. The Cuban Five’s mission was simple - to stop US based terrorism that has been ongoing for nearly 5 decades. They were convicted by a Miami area jury, in a trial an appeals court already found to have been fundamentally unfair. A higher court overruled that decision...

This is like US intelligence agents in Pakistan being tried for trying to monitor the Taliban.

Fantomas said...

the fab 5 will die in jail

Take note

Anonymous said...

Leftside very conveniently forgot that they were caught trying to infiltrate the US Southern Command facilities. What would happen to anyone caught spying in Cuba for the US government? The firing squad that is what they will get. These spies are very lucky they are prisoners here where they have Cable TV, 3 meals a day, medical care, they even have access to the Internet because we see their email letters in Granma from prison all the time. Also they make telephone calls to Cuba unless Granma is making the whole thing up. Just 3 square meals a day would be enough for the prisoners in Cuba whose only crime is dissent from Communist policies. Let's not talk about any access to write emails as the Fab 5 do. And yes these spies got a life sentence and they should remain where they are, for life, as any other spy. In Cuba they would have been shot against the wall as many others did before. So please let's not make any comparisons.

leftside said...

There was no "inflitration" of US Southern Command. In fact the former head of the US Southern Command testified in court, after reviewing all the evidence, that the Five did nothing to compromise the security of the US. The Pentagon spokesman said the five never had "any access to sensitive areas." No evidence was produced in court to disprove these statements. In all the documents found, NONE were classified or found evidence of anything but standing outside the gates of SouthCom. ALL was found from open source reporting - observation of planes, newspaper articles, etc. Still this was enough to give life in jail.

By this burden of proof, all those "dissidents" who receive (even indirect) US dollars and direction to provide information to Miami organizations like Center for a Free Cuba or Cubanet (US funded) or the US Interests Section in Havana are all "spies" and should have gotten life in prison.

As for comparing prison conditions, they are not ideal for anyone. The wives of the Five are not even allowed to visit - not once in 9 years. Could you imagine? If you are implying Cuba should give internet to inmates, when there is not enough bandwidtch right now for everyone else (b/c the embargo), then you are off your rocker. The bandwidth problem will be sorted soon BTW.

Anonymous said...

Again a lie from Leftside.The families of these spies have visited them in jail. The wife of one of them has not been allowed because she was on trial and under indictment also as a member of the Spy ring herself, therefore she was denied visiting the US. But the others have been allowed visitation rights. And these "heroes" are able to send poems, letters, and even talk on the phone with Cuba, or is Leftside saying Granma is not telling the truth, when they claim the 5 spies sent congratulations and greetings to Fidel for his birthday and the anniversay of the Moncada attack as Granma posted? The are given more rights than any prisoner in Cuba has been given by the communist regime.