Friday, November 2, 2007

Odds and ends

  • Detentions in Centro Habana, apparently over the wearing of rubber bracelets with the word “cambio” on them. Human rights monitor Elizardo Sanchez is unsure of the number of detentions, according to AP, while some estimates say 70 were detained. The bracelets, the Herald reports, are part of a “Miami-based initiative.” Uncommon Sense has a roundup, here.

  • Also from AP: the Cuban election process is now moving from the municipal level toward nomination of candidates for the national legislature. No word on whether Fidel Castro will be on the ballot; we’ll know by next spring. If he foregoes a seat in the National Assembly, he would effectively be resigning from executive office, because the Council of State is drawn from National Assembly members.

  • Why it pays to read El Nuevo Herald very closely: a literary soiree with poetry readings and more, sponsored by Alpha 66 and at the offices of Alpha 66, right on Calle Ocho. It starts in about two hours, sorry for the late notice. (H/T: Los Miquis de Miami)

  • Rudy’s problem in Little Havana: the memory of who he put behind bars when he was a federal prosecutor in the southern district of Manhattan, such as Eduardo Arocena of Omega 7. Armengol explains how this redounds to Romney’s benefit.


Juan Cuellar said...

What happen with Wilfredo Cancio Isla article in El Nuevo, Phil?

After all, you were in it.

Anonymous said...

Rudy is a facist, worse than Bush.. If he wins, God help us.

Mitt R. is the Cuban-American mafia candidate, but I don't think he's going to win the nomination.

So, will the mafia move their support toward Rudy, then? Ideologically , in terms of foriegn policy at least, there seems to be a good fit. Both like to call for "pre-emptive" bombing of countries

Fantomas said...

jose Hillary will bomb it..dont ever trust a Democrat

Anonymous said...

phil : will you ever wear a " cambio" bracelet

how about leftfield..will he wear one?

leftside said...

How did I know these wristbands were a "Miami-based initiative"?? Anyone know anything more about who organized this and how they got em in to Cuba? USIS diplomatic pouch?? It does not appear anyone was charged with anything right??