Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thompson on Cuba -- last word

Fred Thompson’s contribution to the Cuba debate was to step on a political landmine by suggesting that there might be a national security aspect to Cuban migration to the United States. Now that his campaign is history, a top campaign aide has written a post-mortem that tells us where Thompson’s idea probably came from:

“Here on this island where I live, just off the West Coast of Florida, we regularly have high-speed boats land dozens of foreign nationals on our beaches — having totally avoided our Coast Guard and other so-called defenses. Boats this big and powerful are capable of delivering to any coastal city in America even conventional nuclear weapons. Truly miniaturized weapons, if they exist, could be carried on foot across the border into even Chicago, Washington D.C. or Las Vegas. The possibility that one of the petro-rich madmen who has promised to see America destroyed is thinking right now about finding a way to give some suicidal terrorist group an untraceable nuclear weapon is, in my opinion, too great a danger to ignore.”

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