Friday, October 24, 2008

Hurricane relief -- report from Oriente

Mexico’s La Jornada has filed stories from Camaguey and Holguin on hurricane damage and relief efforts. The stories are in Spanish only. They present a mixed picture; some residents remain in shelters, some have received temporary housing, some have received building materials, others are waiting. And even for those with hard currency to get materials in state stores or on the black market, there are shortages.

Holguin’s Catholic bishop, Emilio Aranguren, says, “As everything is centralized in state organizations, people wait for things to be given to them…they note that the pace is very slow in relation to…the amount of things that have to be done.”

Meanwhile, Cuba is requiring reporters to get advance permission to visit areas affected by hurricane damage, according to an e-mail from Cuba’s International Press Center excerpted by Rui Ferreira.

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jose said...

another detail that would help would be allow me and my children to visit our mother (grandmother) in cuba. Of course, that would be too common sense to the hackseeds running the show in DC and Miami.

In the end, they want Cuban americans with families in Cuba to SUFFER. (is it a jealously problem since the ones supporting non-family travel to cuba are the same people who DON"T have close family in Cuba).