Thursday, January 15, 2009

More cabs on the way

Last July, Cuba’s transportation minister announced that new licenses would be granted for Cubans to operate private taxis. The reports then seemed to indicate that the licenses would be granted only for those who operate on established routes.

This week, regulations were issued (AP coverage here; the regulations are here at Penultimos Dias). There will be new licenses both for those who pick up passengers along established routes, and for regular taxis that take passengers wherever they want to go and charge what the market will bear. The new service and competition will be good for Cuban consumers. One has to hope that the government’s opening to private entrepreneurs, even at a time when its own transportation services have expanded with a new fleet of Chinese buses, will be a sign of things to come.


Andrea said...

that cab is really cool. do you like go around the world to take pictures? It is so so cool.

Anonymous said...

What a magnificent achievement, just another example of the Revolutionary Progress by which the fortunate and grateful Cuban masses have been dazzled. To think that Cubans can now apply for a license to drive a cab - what a splendid example of the New Reveolutinary Dawn, after only fifty years of waiting! But do the revoulutionary Masses really deserve such pampering by the over-indulgent revolutionary Authorities? Whey we have advanced all the way to... 1958!