Friday, June 5, 2009

The OAS, bringing people together

“…this rotten institution”

- Fidel Castro, May 8

“…this sham of an organization”

- Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, June 3

“Bury the pestilent cadaver.”

- Granma, May 29

“The OAS is a putrid embarrassment.”

- Congressmen Lincoln and Mario Díaz-Balart, June 3


Anonymous said...


The Hypervigilant Observer said...

Don't forget New Jersey's Senator Menendez official
statement :"...we fought for three days over absurdly vague language that we can expect will be the source of constant disagreement moving forward.”

El Yuma said...


You know you're doing something right when you piss off mortal enemies on both extremes! Nice observation Phil!

Anonymous said...

nice observation? you're easily impressed...

Anonymous said...

and the result is; the OAS is a completely useless organization, its time has passed, its time to have Latin American organizations that have some meaning for LA.

leftside said...

I suppose the actual REASON for the similar anti-OAS feelings on the right and left does not matter. The Miami Cuban right is scared of Latin America finally asserting itself on an issue the US considered in its domain; While the Cuban leadership is basing its comments on having watched this US dominated grouping in action for 50(+) years. Not a pretty picture.

Bolivar's dream for a united America is not just for the sake of hemispheric cooperation. It is as a defense against other large (Imperialist) powers. Having the #1 fox in the hen-house never made any sense. There's nothing wrong with a hemispheric organization but it should be secondary to the more natural groupings just being built now.