Thursday, July 9, 2009

TV Marti funds cut

TV Marti, the U.S. government station that by all lights has more employees in Miami-Dade than viewers in Cuba, may have its days numbered. The Senate Appropriations Committee voted 17-13 today to terminate the station when it approved an amendment offered today by Senator Byron Dorgan. The amendment cut $15 million from the combined budget of Radio and TV Marti.

It was nearly a party-line vote, with spendthrift Democrats voting to cut the money, and fiscal conservative Republicans voting to keep on spending it.

I listened to the debate on the webcast, and one senator argued that while the TV Marti signal may not get through, at least we’re sending the Cuban people a message that we are trying to communicate with them.

Washington Post story here.


Anonymous said...

"one senator argued that while the TV Marti signal may not get through, at least we’re sending the Cuban people a message that we are trying to communicate with them."

UNREAL logic. sad day for our nation when such silly arguments are made.

Anonymous said...

How in the world is that unreal logic? If word does get in that we're trying to send signals, the Cuban people will at least know that we're attempting to get in and that the regime is blocking it as they do with odd beeping noises. The Cuban people are frustrated with the intercepted signals, they want to hear the damn radio, and they know its the regime and not the US that is blocking it.

Anonymous said...

TV marti such a waste of time and money. if Us wants to let people know its trying to communicate with them, start some real dialogue, not pure propaganda fed by CANF y the right wing nuts. TV and radio marti is part of the US aggression against Cuba, that's why it's blocked. All it does is keep jobs for those in the anti-Castro industry.
use it for something real, so many Cubans think it's just a joke (which it is)
If cubans want american radio they can get it easily from Miami stations, but the sooner this waste of govt propaganda is ended, the better.
"the cuban people are frustrated with the intercepted signals" yeah, that's certainly something the cuban people worry about.

Anonymous said...

The dialogue that the United States wishes to have is not with the regime on regime change or on reform. We know the regime is unwilling to change those things which keeps them in power. Those things which keep them in power are obviously the lack of freedom and democracy; those are the things the U.S. asks for of the Cuban people and the Cuban people would more actively seek if they weren't so preoccupied with finding ways to survive. Perhaps the funds are a waste in your opinion because they do not adequately bring about change in Cuba. It's possible that that argument is more valid than mine, but don't undermine the Cuban people's frustration with the signal interruptions of the Cuban govt. They know their govt. is interrupting music and outside information made for the Cuban people's enjoyment and personal satisfaction. They do worry about other things much more necessary, like food and shelter, but they are frustrated with these interceptions, which are not limited to the interception of Radio and TV Marti transmissions. Other informations and other freedoms are denied to the Cuban people by their government and they are frustrated with those too. The right to travel freely is another. Finally, the U.S. transmits messages of hope that aspire to Cuba's democratic future. If you call that propaganda, I call you a Communist.