Thursday, December 10, 2009

Odds and ends

  • EFE: Cuba’s Center for Studies of Defense Information is holding a conference next April on security and defense and announces that participants from 30 countries will attend. An official of the center says that President Obama’s “continuity” with his predecessor’s policies “obliges states to sit down and think and coordinate actions.”

  • AFP: About 50 of the Damas de Blanco marched in Havana to commemorate Human Rights Day, and were met by about 100 “followers of the Cuban government.”

  • Cuban Colada: Thanks to Florida’s new Senator, Radio/TV Marti comes out with a $30 million budget for 2010, a $4 million cut.

  • This court decision denying the appeal of a convicted alien smuggler is a little long and dry, but has some details of how smuggling operations work.

  • I commented last week on this report that an on-line travel service had to stop booking Cuba travel, including booking room rentals in private homes, when it came under American ownership. A reader points out this site from Britain, which offers many rentals in casas particulares around Cuba, and a note about travel to “banned” countries. Or you can Google “Cuba casa particular” and make your way through zillions of results.


Anonymous said...

It is Dec. 10, the anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights.

Happy Human Rights Day, everyone!

"Next year in Havana."

Anonymous said...

lets hope the USA will start respecting human rights, quit throwing stones in a glass house

Anonymous said...

On Planet Bootlicker, because of Abu Graib, the Cuban government is free to attack defenseless women walking peacefully in Havana.

Anonymous said...

"lets hope the USA will start respecting human rights, quit throwing stones in a glass house"

Exactly right! It's high time progressive and *truly* democratic world Leaders - such as Mugabe, Kim Jong Il, Chavez, Gaddafi, Ahmanutjob and the Castro Brothers - joined together to form an international tribunal to bring the fascist, genocidal U.S. to justice!

No trial is needed after the Tribunal's indictment, as these paragons of Liberty can be trusted to execute the appropriate sentence, as occurred in the case of the three fascists in 2003 after they murdered all the passengers on the Regla ferry in Havana harbor! And the "75" should have been treated in the same exemplary manner, right Lefty?

Anonymous said...

no, just stop torturing the innocents, stop invading other countries illegally, you know -- the moral authority.

cuba's got tons of problems, but they've never invaded another country, killed thousands and tortured hundreds of innocents. but you can continue to hold cuba as the worst standard.

just take care of your own house, you know, the one where you can't get universal heath care.

and those nationals who accept payment from a foreign government, one that has been as hostile as the americans have, deserve jail. in the right wing regimes the americans have supported, they all would have been shot.

so really, tell your CANF handlers your lies just don't work anymore, get better trainers, or better pay.

but you just never will have a grip on reality, chavez you moron, has always been democratically elected.

Anonymous said...

que candado estoy de escuchar la misma mierda cada dia, los dos lados me tiene bien fundida,

"en cuba me llaman contra-revolucionario...

...en miami me llaman comunista"

que podemos hacer para cambiar esta situacion pa lo mejor, estoy buscando a alguien que me ayuda pero solo veo viejos estupidos fajandose como si fuera los anos 50

Anonymous said...

bueno yo queria decir "que canSado estoy" pero bueno a lo mejor me entendieron

Anonymous said...

"Cuba never invaded any country"

I supposed the troops in Angola were there doing tourism? And in Ethiopia in the Ogaden too? Just touring you see.
And whn Che Guevara went to Blivia with a bunch of Cuban guerrillas, he was just cruising the countryside. In 1950 when Cuban soldiers went to Panama in March they were there doing tourism too. And when the dead general Ochoa and his executioner the general who presiden on his court maretial were in venezual in the early 1960's they were there touring the country side. Sure, Fidel never invaded any country and he did not send any guerrillas anywhere in Latin America. Ever.
In fact, he is a saint who rightly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Anonymous said...

Our beloved Coma Andante, a confirmed pacifist, never invaded any country.

And Oceania is at war with East Asia. Ocaania has always been at war with East Asia.

I Love Big Brother.
I Love Big Brother.
I Love Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

oh my god that was so funny, comparing angola to iraq, yes the cubans were looking for weapons of mass distractions. really, very perceptive, how could anyone not realize they are both equal. man, when the truth comes even close, these morons just spin wilder and wilder.

have you ever, really, ever read a history book. or know really what you are talking about. i mean, if this is the best CANF can afford, it's no wonder things are so desperate on your side.

but keep up the good work, i just wish i knew what color the sky was in your world

but i guess you would condemn those lousy english for invading france during world war ii.

now get back to reading sarah. more reality

Anonymous said...

Even as we kvetch, the Comandante's eyes must be misting over with tears at the mere suggestion that he, of all people, has ever even considered sending Cuban agents or armies to set foot on foreign soil. Oh, the humanity!