Monday, June 6, 2011


“We are the real Cuba. Forget the nightmare slave plantation created by Fidel and his cronies. The real Cuba, the Cuba that never died and never will, lives in exile, and within the bruised bodies of those still on the island who oppose the Castro regime. Whether we are in Havana, or Miami, or Connecticut, or Paris, or Cairo, or Buenos Aires, or Hong Kong, or Sydney, those of us who refused to be enslaved are still around, and most of us are willing and ready to transform Cuba when the time comes, as it surely will.”

– Author Carlos Eire, at Babalu


Octavio Guerra Royo said...

I think that this quote is an absolute mistake and this mistake is the principal reason that apart most exiles from the real Cuba and the real fight for freedom.
The exile could never substitute the actual country. Most of the older exiles think that everyone who doesn’t emigrate is with Castro. This misunderstanding makes 11 million Cubans castroits against barely two millions exiles in the entire world, most of which aren’t anti-Castro activists, so the count is greatly lesser.
Cuba is its people, not the land or the palms or the sky.
Cuban people are mainly in the Island. And, under the worst dictatorship and misery, Cubans are a silent majority that waits the proper moment to get their freedom.
Cubans know who actually their repressors are and who the exiles are. They know that they can’t wait anything neither from Castro or the Exile.
Castro keeps them in the worst slavery and misery. The older exile, which could escape from Cuba and do very little for its freedom, seems to despise them, as this quote remarks.
So, let’s fight for this enormous silent majority where or brothers are and throw away our false "superiority" as exiles.

Anonymous said...

so they can transform cuba back into the american sphere. how utterly insulting to those real Cubans in Cuba -- those who support the government and work for change. his comments are nothing but the worst sort of propaganda that has been the exile's (certain portions of it) consistent song for more than 50 years. And they continue to wait on the sidelines doing so little to improve things for the real Cubans that are in Cuba. except continue to yell and scream to absolutely no affect

Anonymous said...

and these extreme exiles are the ones who support the American policies against Cuba that continue to harm the Cuban people. This person is so totally out of touch with reality in Cuba, thank goodness he does not represent the majority of those who have left the country.

Mambi_Watch said...

This is a comment also heard among militant exiles, but it highlights a general characteristic found in other exiles of the region.

Sznajder and Roniger (2009) describe that "exiles may claim they are the true carriers of the original collective soul."

A characteristic most likely found among all exiles around the globe, and perhaps a universal response to that single traumatic event of political exclusion.

Anonymous said...

well said!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, asere, como se dice carpetbagger en Espanol?

brianmack said...

Carlos, do you own any goods manufactured by the "people" of Communist China? I find you to be pathetic in how you probably own goods made by a country who has imprisoned and executed thousands AND hasn't had a democratically elected
constituency in over sixty years. So here's what I will do. I will endorse you if you agree to endorse an embargo against China and restrict the citizens of the USA from travel to this Communist State.
You see pal, I don't endorse the dictatorship in Cuba but you are brazen to assume that the people of this country, the USA, can't see behind your embarrassing hypocrisy.