Thursday, February 23, 2012

Church news

In advance of the Pope’s visit, AP takes a long and interesting look at the Cuban Catholic church and its leader, Cardinal Jaime Ortega.

The Herald’s Juan Tamayo interviews three independent voices among Cuban Catholics: a priest, a dissident, and a magazine editor from Pinar del Rio.

Radio Marti’s website reports on the recent return of Catholic Church properties that were confiscated in the 1960’s.

Photos are of the little church in Vinales, wrecked in the 2008 hurricanes, that has been repaired and spruced up and will be re-inaugurated in a ceremony this coming Sunday.  A parish worker told me that aid from Germany made it possible.

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brianmack said...

I believe that few understand the significance of this visit. Possible moves could be the release of Alan Gross and the "Cuban Five" and a reconciliation amongst the expatriates and the moderates who are most definitely are posturing and ready for change. Just my observation but as I've stated many times, the hour glass is running low for the present day regime.