Thursday, March 8, 2012

Odds and ends

  • Reuters: Cuba will not attend the Cartagena Summit of the Americas next month.  “Colombia wants the situation of Cuba and its participation to be discussed in a constructive manner at the Cartagena Summit,” Colombian President Santos said as he was departing Havana.

  • At Penultimos Dias, an interview with the creator of a “Cuban Facebook,”, a site for graduates of the elite Lenin high school.

  • Café Fuerte: An independent journalist reports that a prisoner whose sentence was commuted (along with 2,990 others) last year, arrested on new charges, managed to escape from a Havana police station.  The police posted flyers with his photo around the neighborhood.

  • AFP: The head of the U.S. Southern Command sees “no dramatic change happening in the future” in Cuba.

  • Cuba Standard: The Obama Administration turned down the request of a Fort Lauderdale company for a license to begin passenger ferry service to Cuba.

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