Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Viewer's Guide to Cuba's Economic Reform

Trying to figure what’s behind Cuba’s economic reforms, how they fit together, and how they are proceeding?  

Here’s a paper (pdf, 36 pages) that might help.  Comments are welcome.


Marce Cameron said...

I look forward to reading this from cover to cover. Just an initial comment though, offered in a spirit of constructive criticism: I don't see such a contrast between Fidel's November 2005 speech and those of Raul. There is more continuity than contrast. Fidel advocated winding back universal state subsidies other than health care and education, and said that those who work will have more (an indirect reference to not only theft and corruption but also excessive universal subsidies and their counterpart, low salaries). I may expand on these commments when I've had a chance to read the whole document carefully.

Marcel Cameron

El Yuma said...

This looks to be your most ambitious and complete work on the Cuban economy to date. I look forward to reading it and learning from it. By the way - as usual, fabulous photos throughout!