Monday, July 30, 2012

Statements from Carromero and Modig (Updated)

Statements of driver Angel Carromero and passenger Jens Modig, the Spaniard and Swede who were in the car in which Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero were killed, were presented on video today in a press conference organized by Cuban officials in Havana. 

Modig also appeared in person. 

Both have been held in Havana as the investigation has proceeded.  [Update: From BBC: “After the news conference, Mr Modig’s party said he had been released from custody and was free to leave Cuba.”  And this tweet from Yoani Sanchez says it was announced that Modig would be on tonight’s 6:30 p.m. Cuban national news broadcast...can't find video of that, but here's some video of Carromero's statement.]

Carromero could face criminal charges.

According to reports from the press conference they said no other car was involved, and Carromero said no car had hit them from behind.  Their statements coincided with the official account released last Friday – Modig was snoozing, Carromero driving, Carromero came upon an unpaved patch of road and lost control after braking.

Modig reportedly said that he carried 4,000 Euros to distribute to Cuban dissidents and that they intended to work with Paya’s daughter and others to create youth movements. 

More detail in stories from AP, BBC, and AFP, and in Spanish from EFE.

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