Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paya: Modig is hiding the truth

Rosa Maria Paya, daughter of Oswaldo Paya who died in the car driven by Spanish activist Angel Carromero and in which Swedish activist Aron Modig was a passenger, has alleged from the beginning that the car was rammed and driven off the road by another car.  She and others in Paya’s camp have asserted that there are text messages to that effect sent from the Europeans’ phones shortly after the accident.  In a video statement released by Cuban authorities just after the accident and later at trial, Carromero made no reference to another car and said he lost control.  In Cuba and back home in Sweden, Modig has said he was dozing at the time of the accident.

Rosa Maria Paya is now getting more specific, tweeting that Modig sent a text saying: “Angel says that a car hit us and drove us off the road.”  She complains that he continues to omit this in interviews even as he says he wants, as she paraphrases him, “to bring the truth back.”

Paya refers to this interview that Modig just gave to a Cuban opposition website based in Sweden, where he continues to say he was “sleeping before the crash.”

Modig, meanwhile, will soon be active in our own internal affairs as a volunteer for Governor Romney’s campaign in Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

so then release the text messages, easy as that, otherwise it just looks like the continuation of efforts to politicize a tragedy. typical from the anti side. same as the wait for yoani to release the photos of her bruises and cuts from being beaten up by security. en el ano que nieve en cuba.