Friday, March 1, 2013

Paya's daughter's accusation

The daughter of Oswaldo Paya, Rosa Maria Paya who is now in Spain, told a press conference that her father’s death last July was a “probable murder.”  She bases that on a conversation she had two weeks ago in Madrid with Partido Popular activist Angel Carromero, who was driving the car that had the accident near Bayamo.  She also relied on “communications” her family had with Swedish activist Aron Modig, who was in the passenger seat.  Carromero, she says, is the “only survivor with complete memory of what occurred.”  None of the survivors, she says, has any memory of the car crashing against a tree.

With her statement, she released what she says are two images of text messages from Modig’s phone to unnamed recipients on the day of the accident, written in Spanish and Swedish.  One message apparently says that a car tried to drive Paya’s car from the road. 

Carromero and Modig remain silent.  Ms. Paya says that she hopes Carromero will speak out but now feels “pressured” not to do so.

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