Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quotable (Updated)

Granma’s recently redesigned website is including comments on articles.  Here are comments from various readers today on two stories: on the foreign investment law, and on a series of discussions of it by members of the National Assembly.  (Each paragraph is a separate reader commment.) Update 3/31: Granma collected reader questions and criticisms, noted them in this article, and says it has arranged for officials to respond to them today from 9:00 a.m. until noon.
I would only like to know if there will be some possibility for we Cubans who live in Miami to open a business on the island and help generate employment for family and friends.

Legislators, please eliminate the employment agencies.

It would be very useful for the new legislation to eliminate the excessive bureaucracy around starting an investment in Cuba.  Many foreign businessmen change their minds when they run up against so many cumbersome requirements.

The efficiency of the private sector depends basically on a sense of property and ownership.  The management of human resources should be in the hands of the management that the investor puts in place.

It is very important that there not be discrimination against investors based on any factors that are not purely economic.

My God, what a way of saying nothing, the reporter went out in the weeds and gives us zero information and analysis, it seems he doesn’t want to put forth his opinions and he has left us readers as uninformed as we were before reading his article.

This law is very necessary, but from what has been disclosed and comparing it with what exists internationally, I believe that the taxes are too benign and on the other hand they keep anachronisms such as prohibiting investment on the part of individual Cubans residing in Cuba and the employment agency that only serves to create bureaucracy and corruption.

It would have been nice to have had access to this draft bill, maybe we could have added something, I understand that not all of us understand [this subject matter] – but since the enactment of the law will affect us all, it would have been good to have been able to give immediate feedback.

I have read lots of news about the draft bill – that they are meeting, discussing, analyzing, and many more things – but the main thing, the changes being proposed and the provisions that are being left unchanged, in the end I’m not able to read one single thing about what they are talking about.

I believe that the special sesssion of the Assembly should be broadcast COMPLETELY on television and radio.

Will Cubans, in Cuba and outside, be able to invest in businesses in Cuba, or will only foreigners be permitted to do so?

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