Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An open letter to Raul Castro

El Nuevo Herald has published an open letter to President Raul Castro from Jose Conrado, a priest in Santiago. The letter is dated January 5. It’s an interesting document, more a call for new thinking than a detailed policy proposal.

Fr. Conrado describes a changing world – the election of President Obama, the outpouring of hurricane aid from Cuban Americans – and says, “The Cuban government that you lead today should have the audacity to face up to these changes with new ideas and new attitudes.” (My translation.)

He goes on to say that Cuba has “reacted with valor when a foreign government has tried to involve itself in our national problems.” As for human rights, he asserts that “not only governments, but also individuals, average citizens, inside and outside the country, have something to say.” And: “The cause of peace, internally and externally, and the very prosperity of the nation, are rooted in unconditional respect for these rights…”

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Anonymous said...

Muy bien dicho por el padre Conrado!!!!!!!!!!! Prácticamente no hay nada que agregar, y mucho menos que omitir. Gracias a todos los que (desde mi país o el exterior), independientemente de su credo, profesión o "afiliación" política, desean y se esfuerzan por lograr una CUBA mejor!!!!!!

El solo hecho de instar una nueva forma de pensar, al margen de las recomendaciones de política que se puedan derivar, es un aporte plausible sin lugar a dudas.