Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Want to do a good deed?

The Catholic church in the center of Guira de Melena was severely damaged by a hurricane in 2004. On a recent visit, I met the local priest and leared that repair work is proceeding, but not always steadily, due to difficulties with funds, materials, and labor. While the church is being repaired, mass is being held in the courtyard of the rectory under a makeshift roof.

A parish in Inglewood, California, led by Fr. Marcos Gonzalez, a Cuban American pastor born in Guira, has been raising funds to support repair and restoration of the church. It has established a charity, and if you want to make a donation and get a receipt for a tax deduction, you should send a check to St. John Chrysostom Church, 546 E. Florence Avenue, Inglewood CA 90301. The check should be designated for “Cuban Mission.”

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