Friday, February 19, 2010

Migration talks end (Updated)

Reuters: The State Department says the U.S. delegation called for the release of jailed USAID contractor Alan Gross during talks that took place in Havana today. The talks reviewed the migration accords that have been in force since the Clinton Administration and provide for twice-yearly consultations to examine how they are working.

A public relations campaign directed at U.S. media was undertaken this week on Mr. Gross’ behalf; more on that later.

Cuba’s statement at the end of the talks is here at the Havana Note.

When the State Department’s statement referenced in the Reuters story appears on the web, I’ll post it.


The State Department’s statement is here.

The U.S. delegation apparently met a group of dissidents on Friday after the talks ended, drawing a sharp complaint from the Cuban foreign ministry (LA Times story here). Later, National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon told EFE that Cuba’s complaint doesn’t mean that Cuba wants to stop talks on migration or other matters.

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