Monday, February 22, 2010

Odds and ends

  • Along the Malecon reports that the Luis Posada Carriles trial has been postponed pursuant to a sealed prosecution motion, and 90 percent of filings to date are secret.

  • At Global Post, Nick Miroff looks at television viewing habits in Cuba, where state television “is politically biased and often tedious, [but] hardly a drab, droning monotony of pro-Castro propaganda.” The irrelevance of TV Marti shines through.

  • An American conservative goes to Cuba and comes back with this opinion, which he wrote in a letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer: “If we want to get communism out of Cuba, end the embargo.” Speaking of American conservatives,

  • Mining Weekly notes a Cuban television news report that says that the joint Cuban-Venezuelan project to activate the Camarioca nickel plant, a mothballed Czechoslovak project from COMECON days, is moving forward. In 2005, there were announcements that China would be the partner in this project and in a Camaguey nickel mining venture, but China ended its involvement without fanfare.

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Anonymous said...

the letter from the "expert" is anything but -- why does he call chavez a dictator? He's a conservative, one with not much knowledge of cuba-american relations. but at least it brought something to the dialogue