Friday, January 18, 2013

How to “stay well informed on events in and around the island”

Read Babalu and The Cuban Triangle. 

That’s USAID’s advice to DAI in this memo (see p. 3) that records a meeting where USAID explained the ins and outs of its Cuba program as DAI was gearing up to get its project going. 

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Babalú is just the Wailing Wall of the Cuban-American far right, which has adopted the worst of the American far right. It's just rant after rant, bitterness, sarcasm and self-hatred projected on those whose origins are in what the call "Letrine America", which, of course, includes Cuba. Although the Babalú bloggers claim they are the opposite. Their understanding of international politics is at an elementary school level. They are now on a pro-gun campaign, something which is alien to most Cubans here, since most do support gun conrtrol. Babalú is entertaining, sometimes. A collection of writers with an ax to grind and an undiagnosed adjustement disorder, plus all kind of other personality afflictions. My honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Babalu to the half-truths and propaganda distributed by the Cuban Triangle any day. At least they do not act as an apologist for the Cuba communist regime.

Anonymous said...

You prefer Babalu because you are a hatemonger. Period.


brianmack said...

Babalu is a must for anyone following Flordia Cuban expatriates. It certainly is to the right but if I'm a liberal, I'm not going to watch CNN
to see how the other side thinks. I would rank Havana Times on the top three list but The Cuban Triangle is
the all around best. Now if Mr. Peters would only post a few more of
his incredible photos taken around
the Island. They speak volumes and
are magnificent!

Anonymous said...

if USAID recommended Babalu as any sort of insight into Cuba, then it's no wonder they thought sending Alan Gross to the island would be a good idea.