Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't tell Sen. Rubio...

Radio/TV Marti reporter Ricardo Quintana reports on a store in Hialeah that stocks parts for East German motorcycles, which customers buy and send to Cuba where the motorcycles are still in use.  The report focuses on aid that Cuban Americans provide to relatives in Cuba who are running their own businesses.

An earlier report looks at the growing links fostered by visits and remittances, and a forthcoming piece will look at real estate transactions.


Anonymous said...

In previous comments I have said that the next step, after solving the Alan Gross- Five Cuban agents imbroglio with a five for five swap, should be ending the embargo restrictions on US exports to the island, permitting US airlines, ships and ferries to visit Cuba and permitting US citizens and residents, with adequate safeguards, to invest in imports, transportation and wholesale trade in goods for the emerging private sector in the island.

These measures would help to increase employment in the US and to lower the balance of payments deficit of the US.

I also favor ending the Cuban Adjustment Act to avoid stimulating needless crime and death on the high seas and allowing the Cuban government to solve its hidden unemployment problem and increasing Cuban American remittances by increasing the US rate of unemployment.

However, I would not take this measure to restrict in any way Cuban American visits and the present level of remittances to the island which are stimulating reforms and the growth of the private sector there.

I would also follow up the end of the Cuban adjustment act with a huge increase in temporary visas given out to Cubans for visits to the US since this would increase the influx of new ideas to the island and increase their influence since they would be provided by persons that would live there permanently instead of staying there for only a few days.

Sucha a police would also reduce Cuban American remittances to the island and expenditures during visits there since money being spent on supporting relatives from Cuba visitting the US would not be available for that purpose.

Increasing the number of temporary Cuban visitors to the US would also increase US effective demand, decrease US unemployment and help to correct the US balance of payments problem.

There is no reason why an intelligent US policy towards the island could not at the same time benefit US economic goals and stimulate the economic and political reforms in the island.

The US should seek its own goals in its foreign policy towands the island and not those of a right wing minority who are not interested in bettering the relations between both countries and helping Cuba to solve its problems but rather to continue the stand off so that they could continue to subsist on federal government handouts.


Anonymous said...

oh no, that news will drive poor Marco Rubio to drink!
(if he's the savior of the GOP, god help that party)