Thursday, February 21, 2013

Odds and ends

  • Canadian foreign minister John Baird visited Cuba last week, showing how a democracy can engage with Cuba and, in some cases, disagree with its government at the same time.  Imagine that.  (CBC, Globe and Mail, Juventud Rebelde)

  • After about five minutes in Brazil, Yoani Sanchez is calling for an end to the U.S. embargo and the release and return of the Cuban Five.  How long before they call it a provocaciĆ³n in Miami?  There, she is slated to receive Miami-Dade College’s presidential medal in recognition of her human rights advocacy.  (See EFE, EFE again, El Nuevo, and Babalu’s translation of her remarks.)  Update: She tweeted last night that when she was speaking about the Cuban Five, it was with “tremendous irony” that was lost on her audience in Brasilia (and, apparently, everywhere else).  She also implied that the U.S. should get out of the Guantanamo naval base.

  • IPS: Novelist Leonardo Padura on Raul Castro’s five years as President.

  • Prensa Latina has a brief item on the upcoming selection by the National Assembly of the Council of State’s membership and officers, which will determine the line of succession in Raul Castro’s second term.

  • Yahoo Sports on Cuba’s selection for the World Baseball Classic.

  • Trabajadores: The 2012 rice harvest set a production record.

  • Prensa Latina: Chipping away further at heavily subsidized goods and services provided to the public, the Cuban government announces that water rates will go up.


brianmack said...

There has been much news coming out of Cuba. The recent USA delegation,
Ms. Sanchez's tour of Brazil and
Canadian minister's visit all fit the
scenario for better and saner relations. It was time a few years back to remove Cuba from the sponsored terrorist list so perhaps by now ending this absurdity we can move forward toward letting the citizens of the US travel freely to Cuba, without ANY restrictions!!

Antonio said...

Two thoughts from me...

The Aroldis Chapman story really is a must read. The allegation that his testimony sent 2 others to jail over a previous escape attempt, that was the most shocking item for me.

The official Cuban media really must STOP with the announcements of record harvests, when food imports have barely budged in the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

When it is all over, compare the % of men over 70 and of Army Generals in the old and new officers of the Council of State and see whether or not a significant change occurred.