Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cuban spy Ana Montes

Here’s a review of the book on the Ana Montes spy case by the Defense Intelligence Agency’s counterintelligence officer who led that agency’s investigation.
In brief, it’s an interesting read, but if you are looking for new information on the burning questions in this case – how Montes was recruited and what damage she did in her 16-year espionage career – you will not find it in this book.


leftside said...

Thanks for that review. I was going to buy the book but now I realize it would have been a waste. Sounds like the author is some ideologue out to make a name.... but with little facts to back up his case.

Reading Lattel's book (After Fidel) I was struck by how impressed he was by Montes's work, even going back and reading her not uncover anything particularly telling, or blatently false. Her assessments were always more on the "softer" side of things, but when you are in a sea of sharks reports after the fact. He does who've been wrong for 47 years that is not saying much.

I was always intrigued at her story because she never took any money from Cuba. She was working for Cuba purely out of conviction that US policies were immoral, and that is a rare thing in spycraft. I'm surprised Castro has not erected a monument to her.

Anonymous said...

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