Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is a letter to the editor of Miami’s El Nuevo Herald, published April 24, 2007, followed by English translation:

Pertenezco a ese grupo de mujeres cubanas que nunca imaginamos durante nuestra niñez y adolescencia que abandonaríamos nuestro país para siempre. Le dijimos adiós muy jóvenes, y hoy en día formamos parte de la tercera edad.

Nuestros mayores murieron esperando la caída del régimen castrista, y nuestra generación, la última depositaria de la memoria de la Cuba republicana, tal parece que tampoco podrá consumar ese anhelo.

Mientras tanto el culpable de todo el sufrimiento se repone de lo que pensábamos era su última enfermedad. El sueño de ver a Cuba libre se va desvaneciendo, los años pasan. ¡Hasta cuándo!

Guaty Marrero, Miami

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I belong to that group of Cuban women who never imagined during our childhood and adolescence that we would abandon our country forever. We said goodbye to our country when we were very young, and today we are becoming senior citizens.

Our elders died waiting for the fall of the Castro regime and it seems that our generation, the last repository of memories of republican Cuba, will not be able to satisfy that longing either.

All the while, the one responsible for all the suffering is recovering from what we thought was his final illness. The dream of seeing Cuba free is fading, the years are passing. For how long?

Guaty Marrero, Miami

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Luis Moro News said...

You can thank the great Cuban leaders of the world for your/our pain and loss of family; Castro, Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart squared. My grand mother is holding on, at 84 years old, she’s lost two children who died never seeing each other again after 30 years. One died in Cuba, the other (my mother) died in the U.S.

I truly hope from the bottom of my soul, I never let the HATE that sometime wants to burst in me grow. Cuba is publicly communist. Our Cuban political leaders are simply covert communist and full of duplicity disguised as “for the people.” I trust one day we will all have the courage to move on, past the current Cuban leaders vanity. Ideally before another Cuban dies from the misguided efforts of these existing Cuban leaders in charge; both in Cuba and America. Luis Moro

(I always write my full name since I noticed so many people blog and post comments hiding behind their own words with fake names and twisted emails. I invite you to be public and practice the freedoms we enjoy publicly. Unless you are in Cuba, don’t be afraid to express yourself in public. Unless you don’t want to be associated with your non-sensible words, comments and backward thinking.)