Friday, December 7, 2007

"Dear Mr. Chairman"

A letter from President Bush to North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, a charter member of the axis of evil, is reported in today’s New York Times. I agree with the policy of offering incentives to North Korea to reduce that country’s threat to regional and global security, but for those of us who watch Cuba policy, the letter and the policy are pretty striking. In exchange for North Korea’s disclosure of its nuclear programs and dismantling of its reactor, the United States offers a path to normalized relations. Apparently, there is no requirement to change any aspect of North Korea’s political system. The letter was delivered by an assistant secretary of State who visited North Korea this week; his travels are highlighted on the State Department’s web page.

(Photo via Google images.)


Mambi_Watch said...

Well pointed out. Notice how this news has been ignored by Babalu Blog and the like.

I also haven't heard any commentary of it yet on Radio Mambi.

Better left out of political discussion.

leftside said...

The perverse lesson to Cuba from this (and Libya, as well as our offer to Iran, etc.) is that it should have gone after the bomb... Pretty soon, Cuba and Venezuela may be the only "evil" regimes on the planet.

Anonymous said...

so what's the point? that our North Korea policy should mirror our Cuba policy?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize North Korea was in the Western Hemisphere. Got to keep better track of that tectonic activity.

Fantomas said...

it is clear ...phil regime change in Cuba means the end of the embargo..enough of the lies...

Recuerda Cuba no es Vietnam, Cuba no es China y menos north Korea on top of that Cuba doesnot have have nuclear weapons

Anonymous said...

Fantomas is moving silently towards dialectic thinking.

"Recuerda Cuba no es Vietnam, Cuba no es China y menos North Korea on top of that Cuba does not have has nuclear weapons"

Exactly Fantomas, exactly! You are getting close! We are easier to fuck! We are just there!
Again, the topic goes like this: “Let's screw these Cubans in the name of Democracy and Freedom but with the sole intention to discourage our backyard from revolt and independency. The same Democracy and Freedom that neither our communist friends China-Vietnam-North Korea nor our beloved Egypt-Saudi Arabia have!”

I don’t know in yours, but in my neighbourhood that is called "abuso" and any big guy playing that role is usually consider nasty, to say the least. It may escape from your understanding that this kind of feeling is sort of universal, a sense of fairness is biologically wired in our brains, and any mildly decent government is aware of that. It is pretty easy to build a powerful discourse with that basis. Not to talk about Cubans, these creatures historically prone to violence and revolutions that have being rather quiet the last 50 years. I know what you would say: repression! Come on, Fantomas! Remember Wayler, Machado, Batista!

Fantomas said...

Fantomas! Remember Wayler, Machado, Batista!

Omar esos son niños de tetas comparados con Fidel , Raul , Ramiro, en mi barrio la revolucion cubana se llama


ENOUGH of the lies nobody is bying it


llevatelo Phil

Karamchand said...

Como todo asunto humano, siempre se puede encontrar al menos, 2 caras que conviven diametralmente opuestas, pero las une, ser parte trasumante de un asunto. A menudo me gusta usar el ejemplo de Hitler, visto desde unos de los prismas, ese señor pudiera ser delcarado inocente, trastocado o loco, por qué no, si una corte hace poco distaminó la insanidad mental de una señora que asesino a todos sus hijos en una bañera, Hitler, el "pobrecito", le faltaba el escroto izquierdo, díganme si no se puede convertir cualquiera en un aberrado mental, al final, todavía hoy hay muchos quienes creen en los beneficios que aportó a Alemania, hoy la mayoría de los alemanes son de la raza teutona, rubios, altos, fuertes, en fin, el experimento le resultó, según trasnochados neonazis.
Pero la realidad, es que cada caso se debe situar en un contexto, de tiempo, de lugar, de personajes; si se hace esto, Corea del Norte, Vietnam, China, etc, son casos distintos al cubano, para muestra un botón, no provocó una crisis como la del 62 el problema nuclear coreano, de manera que inferir el tratamiento de EEUU a Cuba por el dado a esos países, es incorrecto, aplicar el mismo rasero para todo, indudablemte es erróneo per se.