Monday, December 17, 2007

Odds and ends

  • Here’s an unusual and enterprising case of immigration fraud. A Miami woman is charged with nine counts of bigamy – a Cuban American and a legal permanent resident, she married nine extra men so they could stay in the United States and acquire legal status, and she charged them for it.


leftside said...

Despite not acheiving their housing goal (and building less than half of what they did last year), the State of Cuba built almost twice as many houses per capita than built in the entire Untied States in 2007. And Cuban houses go to who needs them most - quite unlike the situation in the US. We can't even provide housing for those poor folks who lost their homes in Katrina 2 years ago (in fact we demolish 4500 perfectly good public housing units, for ideological reasons).

Fantomas said...

Cuba fell short of its 2007 plan for housing construction and repair, an official announced, and in part she blamed the embargo.

In 49 years of dictatorship , Cuba has fallen short in any endeavor they have planned to achieve

Inept, corrupt leaders can handle the truth