Thursday, January 24, 2008

Candidates on Cuba -- CANF questionnaire

Three cheers to the Cuban American National Foundation for submitting a Cuba policy questionnaire to presidential candidates, and three cheers to Senators Clinton and Obama for actually answering the questions. The other candidates submitted statements giving their general views on Cuba, ducking some of the questions, such as whether they would abandon the wet foot-dry foot policy and admit all Cubans to the United States – those who reach land and those picked up at sea. Clinton and Obama said “no.” Text of responses here.


Anonymous said...

I haven read them all, but there are still some important differences between Obama and Clinton. For example, Obama made a contrast between Radio and TV Marti. That was sensible. Apparently, Clinton sees no difference. Obama talks about a post-Fidel era and the Castro regime. Clinton is just Castro and a mention to the 'terrible human right abuses'. Is there something more terrible than terrible. We need that word to qualify, for example, the Argentinian dictatorship. Obama would talk to Raul, Clinton wouldn't. Obama keeps believing that the rules against family visit are wrong, Clinton surprisingly agree. Was that her position when Obama made himself clear about the issue some months ago? I don't remember so.
The positions of Obama and Clinton about the Cuban issue are very illustrative of the major national debate that is taking place just right now between them in the democratic primary. That's why I say:


Anonymous said...

Let CA's visit their families!! Let me visit my dying father in law! Let me visit my cousins! Let me be free please - Repubicans listen to my plea, family trumps politics.

Fantomas said...

la fundacion no es tan importante como antaƱo

Anonymous said...

so what word in your lexicon would you use to qualify the Castro 50 year old dictorship?
Oh, wait, I forgot, Castro does not have a dictorship, is a full fledge democracy, in fact, the most perfect democracy with the most honest and free elections in the world. Give a break, please!