Thursday, March 27, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Check out these videos of recent man-on-the-street (and Carlos Varela on the sofa) interviews in Havana, from the Center for Democracy in the Americas.

  • I missed this from last week’s meeting between Cuban officials and emigrants: Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said that “the definition of Cuban is not the land where we live in, but the decision to defend the nation’s integrity and be willing to defend it at any cost.”

  • The Atlantic takes a fanciful look at Havana’s future, with illustrated map. (H/T Penultmos Dias.)


Sharpshooter said...

In other words, according to Perro Roque the only real Cubans are those taht support the tyranny and the Communist Govt.
All others are not Cubans. I will enjoy seeing this ignorant idiot sitting on the bench for the accused trying to excuse himself for all the travesties of justice they have been perpetrating on the Cuban people for over 49 years. Let's see how he dashing and dapper he looks without his ironed guayabera when he sports the prisoner's garments.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the videos, they are interesting. They offer a window into the empirical reality that miami cubans (most of whom haven't been to cuba for decades) REFUSE to see.

Here that BABALU, watch them for edification.

They (common cubans) want family reunification and an end to an embargo. They want fredom, and deserve it. PERO OJO, their version of freedom (I agree, cubans are currently not free) may not be our version - "on your own -rich man controls all)".

Hopefully, when cuba finally becomes "free", they will choose teh third (western european) way. They seem happier than we are,.. just go there.

Anonymous said...

The Atlanic, without realizing, shows us why Cubans are fearful of the imperios from the north. What presumption to have such a map.

The suburbaization (uglification) of habana, here it comes.