Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Official silence on Andean crisis

In the spat between Colombia and its neighbors following Colombia’s raid last Saturday on a FARC camp just across the Ecuadoran border, Fidel takes the same line as Chavez by blaming the “Yankee empire.” But he notes in his “Reflection” that Cuba is not Colombia’s enemy.

The Cuban government, meanwhile, has made no statement.

The big news in all this was Chavez’ order to his defense minister to move tank units to the Colombian border. But have any Venezuelan forces actually moved? This Reuters report says that as of yesterday, units were getting ready and awaiting a deployment order, but none had moved.



Nothing more than nonsensical posturing and grandstanding by Mr. Chavez and Fidel. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Colombia had every right to hit the FARC encampment - despite being 1.5 miles into Ecuador's territory. We're talking about a porous jungle border here - not a clearly delineated frontier with flags and walls.

Furthermore, it has been known for quite some time that Ecuador has - from time to time - knowingly harbored (read aid and abet) the FARC in its territory. As such, if the Colombian military had a bead on Reyes, it acted properly - pulling out shortly thereafter.

One must remember that the FARC ceased being a true "revolutionary front" years ago and is today, nothing more than a group of rogue narco-traffickers out to line their own pockets.

The Colombian government should certainly express a feeling of lament over the incident but the only country needing to apologize right now is Ecuador, for harboring these individuals.

As for Chavez, and Fidel blaming the U.S. for the incident - I expect nothing less. Why not blame Switzerland for that matter? Granted, the U.S. provides millions for the fight against drugs in Colombia but, I doubt the U.S. was calling the shots on this foray into Ecuador.

Correa's hands are filthy with involvement with the FARC - he should have seen this action coming and has no one to blame but himself.

Those who would condemn Colombia in this instance, are doing so only because that nation is an ally of the United States - nothing more.

-Anatasio Blanco

Anonymous said...

If the captured Colombian documents pan out, by what logic can Venezuela be kept off the state sponsors of terrorism list? A presidential "national interest" waiver?


True, anonymous - that's another thing entireley. If the information "pans out," this would mean Chavez is funding and arming narco-traffickers. That said, I doubt organizations like the OAS or the UN will have anything to say about this - both are useless bodies where votes are bought and sold.

Sharpshooter said...

Mr. Reyes had several orders of capture by the Interpol. You would think Mr. Correa would be glad a dangerous criminal and terrorist would have been killed. But no, he claims there was a massacre of combatants and genocide was committed because they were caught spleeping. Sleeping and in piyamas? Haven't these guys read the Che Guevara manual for guerrillas?
The PC will reveal a lot more than Chavez and Correa wanted to be known, therefore they screamed "thief" before the victim does.
Colombia it seems, has the evidence in their possesion that will link Chavez and Correa with support for the FARC, and these two did not like that.
Chavez needs to deviate the attention from his failed economic policies and a good little war he thinks, will do the trick.
I hope the evidence provided by Colombia from Reyes's computers, will link Chavez with the FARC beyond anyone's doubt.
I will love to see him explaining this to the world once the World Court in the Hague gets a hold of this information and renders its judgement on the evidence.
Aiding and abetting terrorists and terrorism was comdemned by the UN in a resolution.
How will Chavez Foreign Relations Minister Mr. Maduro, will explain this one in the UN? I can't wait.