Friday, April 4, 2008

Fidel on Facebook

I don’t know if the UNEAC conference (artists and writers union) now under way in Cuba is an interesting place to be; outsiders are not allowed in. But some interesting reporting and commentary is coming out:

  • There’s ongoing coverage at Penultimos Dias, including the proposal by writer Miguel Barnet that the event be dedicated to the “fiftieth anniversary of the Revolution, to the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, and to President Raul Castro.”

  • Alejandro Armengol summarizes an El Pais account of a speech by the Historian of the City of Havana, Eusebio Leal, in which Leal discussed recent reforms, anticipated more to come, and said that Cubans who live abroad are as Cuban as those who live on the island.

  • The El Pais story says that the attendees criticized the quality of education being provided to Cuban students today.

  • They also called for greater access to the Internet in Cuba. Fidel Castro, meanwhile, published a commentary where he mused about modern technology, including Facebook, DVD’s, cell phones, Internet, and more, and asked, “Does the type of existence that imperialism promises make any sense?”

  • And the Sun Sentinel reported that conferees looked around and lamented that there were few young faces; reporter Ray Sanchez referred to an article in Juventud Rebelde:

Just 3 percent of the 400 participants in the congress were under 40.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” the article said.

“The average age of the membership is 60 years,’ filmmaker and writer Victor Casaus was quoted as saying. “Where is the continuity of Cuban culture?”


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've always felt that Leal was a historian and not a Fidelista. His most recent pronouncement proves my point. He was able to transcend politics, anger and resentment and talk about our shared culture and love for that lovely island. It was a beautiful gesture and its posting, only a few posts above one in which an individual commenting on this blog chose to attempt to divide the Cuban people - is most appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the above comment was my - Anatasio. I normally like to sign but am not logged in to my email.

Good day,


Phil Peters said...

and the deleted comment above was spam

Anonymous said...

the 24- hour news channel will be interesting.. Unknown to most in Mimai, most Cubans have seen a lot of American movies, TV, even Ben and Jerry and Friends....

Alex said...

Unknown to whom in Miami? Not to the hundreds of thousands of Cubans who arrived after 1980 or the other hundreds of thousands that visit and know that most American movies eventually make it to Cuba. Jeez, they broadcasted Flipper in Cuba when I was still learning to read.

And where does it says it's going to be 24-hour NEWS?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Phil, babalu blog has a misleading post about you, please go read it and sent them a clariying email. They misrepresent you so clearly.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Nothing misrepresented. I for one would like to know how many times Mr. Peters has been to Cuba and for what purposes he goes. Who funds the Lexington Institute? Those questions are fair.

And it's also fair to point out that even today Peters continues to ascribe good intentions of super-egalitarianism to castro and his policies. Policies that are ridiculous and such an affront to the Cuban people that raul has had to almost immediately do away with them.

theCardinal said...

Henry - Swear to G-- I am not stalking you but I have to disagree with the latter part of your argument. As for the former let me just say that I am pretty certain that PP would stay the course regardless of who funds. Nonetheless I am in complete agreement that full disclosure is desirable. I went to the Lexington site and there was really nothing there. I am sure that if paperwork was requested from the Sec of State of Va it can be obtained.

I don't wish to read too much into PP's writings but I can't say that I found him to be a defender of Fidel's socialist framework. The Lex Institute is free market and libertarian - it is annoyingly consistent thus it's willingness to tolerate trade with Cuba regardless of circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Henry are you serious?

Both Fidel and YOU are the affront to the Cuban people (if you knew any of them).

Talk to average cuban on the street in Habana - they have more hatred toward you and the Miami mafia than even their own repressor Raul.

Answer this:
why is it that you would be more disliked in Cuban than Fidel himself?

Castros have repressed with iron hand for 50 years, but you can't deny that Cuban people just don't like ya'll and don't ascribe to your right-wing view of the world

They want freedom yes, but right wingers and your brand of war mongering is not the freedom and free markets that Cubans want or NEED.

F**k you Henry and your war-mongering view of the world. Your views (not about freedom but about war) are a minority in this world .

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Spoken quite eloquently by someone hiding behind an anonymous cloak. And your qualifications are?

theCardinal said...

Phil -

That anonymous post should go. Henry - you shouldn't even have answered him.

Anonymous said...

I was eagerly awaiting to read Fidel's comments regarding Facebook but it looks to me like the link for that reflection is wrong, when I click it I'm directed to some other article from Granma written by somebody else.

Anonymous said...
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