Monday, April 21, 2008

More reforms to come?

Wilfredo Cancio’s story in Sunday’s El Nuevo Herald claims that more reforms are in store. His reporting is based on anonymous government sources in Havana who said the following changes are on the way:

  • ending the requirement for Cubans to obtain an exit permit to travel abroad;

  • “free rental” of homes to Cubans and foreigners (this can already be done by Cubans who obtain a license and pay tax accordingly; it’s not clear if the license requirement, the tax, or both will be done away with);

  • unrestricted sales of privately owned cars; and

  • ending restrictions on internal migration, which mainly affects Cubans moving to Havana.

According to the article, other ideas are under study, such as increasing the Cuban peso’s value against the convertible peso, from 24:1 to 19:1, easing restrictions on Cuba’s small entrepreneurs, and initiating government sales of cars – Ladas for 9,000 convertible pesos.


Anonymous said...
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Fantomas said...

no word on the assault on damas de blanco another of the changes brought to you by the new and improved dictator of cuba raul la china loca castro

Que continue la represion a la chinese

viva la china raulista el tibet ..vivan las olimpidas, vivan los ladasa 9000 cuc que los pagara el exilio trabajador y patriotico de la calle 8