Friday, May 9, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Radio silence: Radio Marti covered the Bush-dissidents videoconference, but neither the story on the website nor the story broadcast on the air, which featured interviews with the three Havana participants, mentioned Martha Beatriz Roque’s request to President Bush that he ease travel and remittance restrictions. Story here, with link at bottom to the audio.

  • Yoani takes it with a grain of salt, calling the government’s refusal to allow her to travel to Spain to receive her award a “second decoration.”

  • From the world of sports: The Herald covers the Cuban judo team competing in Pan American championships in Miami, and The New York Times on the Cuban soccer players who stayed in the United States a few months ago and are trying to break into major league soccer. (Speaking of Generacion Y, the players include Yenier and Yordany.)

  • The European parliament calls on the Cuban government to allow the Damas de Blanco and Oswaldo Paya to travel to Brussels, respectively to collect their 2005 human rights award and to provide briefings on the situation in Cuba.


Anonymous said...

interesing how the radio marti is so biased. its propaganda just like the gramna.

Shame on you radio marti.

And just b/c I want want to exercise my right to visit my family in habana.

all real cubans, even those that are vehemently anti-castro, are against the travel and remittance restrictions.

Anonymous said...

Those for current travel and remittance restrictions are unequivocally AGAINST
the Cuban people.

, take a poll on the havana streets, you will see.

Anonymous said...

then you must be against the Cuban Adjustment Act as well, the very reason you are probably here...which is it? do you want Cubans to be treated as normal "migrants" who can travel freely after they get here? Or do want to be treated as exiles, with special immigration status based on the intolerable situation in Cuba? Because you can't have it both ways....

Anonymous said...

I want to be treated as normal "migrant". I got here not by ocean, en punto!

your point about adjustment act is spurious.

Anonymous said...

if you came by the visa lottery than that is also a special policy for Cubans seeking to leave Cuba, so we need to do away with that as well if you want to be treated as a normal migrant.

Anonymous said...

all arguement are spurious, I don't care how a cuban got here,

he/she has GOD-given right to visit family members left behind in Cuba.

At present, it is the "freedom-lovin' USA that is stopping us from visiting our family, ironically , its not Cuba - in this instance.

'down with castro,
down with bush 08'

Anonymous said...

Yoani has new interview where she comes out against the US embargo

how surprising??

when will we ever listen to the real dissidents on the island!

Let's see if Yoani is still discussed so much on the hard-care exile blogs, once they find out she is against the embargo.

Anonymous said...

go to minute 14.00

to hear her views on embargo

Anonymous said...

jose, I'm sorry you find yourself in your situation, but you never had a "right" to arrive in the United States. You are here because the US has given Cubans special privileges afforded no other ethnic group based on the political situation in Cuba. If you are unable to cope with that, perhaps you need to make a decision about whether you should return to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

The Cuban Revolution has been incredible powerful. For example, it has managed that the US grants Cubans citizens unique possibilities that hasn't been granted to other people comming from dictatorial regimes (e.g. Duvalier in Haiti, Somoza in Nicaragua). Isn't this incredible? That's what I call influence.
As the purpose of that policy is obscure and has very little to do with credible moral standards, how to ask those that leave the country in order to enjoy freedom and prosperity in this great Nation, to renounce to the equally important family values? How to ask for commitment if while you apply an embargo to the Cuban dictatorship you nurtured Pinochet and Videla? There is something I don't follow here. Most of the people taking advantage of the Law of Cuban Adjustment in order to have more opportunities do not need to renounce to visit his/her family in Cuba. They, Bush and Castro, want to play with us...why can't we play with them?