Monday, May 19, 2008

The week ahead

Senators Obama and McCain will be in Florida this week and will give speeches about Cuba; the Bush Administration is planning to highlight the plight of political prisoners in Cuba, and the Cuban foreign ministry kicks things off tonight with a television program where they will reportedly present accusations that U.S. diplomats are delivering private funds to dissidents.


Mambi_Watch said...

Radio Mambi is reporting that McCain will be meeting with members of the "Casa del Preso" (Casa de Presidio Politico) in Little Havana at 2pm tomorrow.

"Casa del Preso" is an organization of former Cuban political prisoners in exile, and hold a hard-line (intransigent) stance.

The organization once denied entrance to a Cuban exile because he supported Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya who is considered a traitor by hard-liners.

"Casa del Preso" has also hosted the paintings of Luis Posada Carriles for exhibition and book presentations of hard-line supporters.

Anonymous said...

The AP reporter covering today's dog-and-pony show sounds disappointed that that shlock about US Interests Section is the best the regime could come up with....

Anonymous said...

if you had spent a good portion of your adult life behind bars for saying what you thought or exrpessing an opinion that disagrees with the Govt. in a tyranny, you would be intransigent too vis avis that said Govt. Is a matter of perspective and what happened to your life. Or as we say in Spanish:
In this life nothing is a lie or true, it all depends on the color of the glass you are looking through. Now you get it?