Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Odds and ends

  • El Nuevo Herald: Senators Dodd and Lugar present an amendment to suspend U.S. sanctions affecting visits and remittances to family members in Cuba, and to allow Cuba to purchase construction materials.

  • “Official information” on preliminary damage assessments is published in Granma; it has lots of detail, including information on the degree to which electric power has been restored in each province.

  • Reuters: Cuba accepts a political dialogue with the European Union. The Czech government says it’s a positive step but wants to see concrete results.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, Cubans cannot eat dignity nor use it as shelter. How sad.

Anonymous said...

neither can texans. or katrina victims.

theCardinal said...

* No way the Senate action goes anywhere on an election - assuming it got that far W won't sign and they won't over-ride. The Cubans will continue to get screwed.

* Delahunt is a grandstanding idiot who has wet dreams of Fidel. He doesn't give a lick for the people of Cuba unless they are party members or young pioneers.

* Fidel rejects US paltry offer of aid. Fidel has been screwing his people for years so this time he joins the US in screwing his people - at last something we do together!

* A space center? WTF?!?

* Dialogue? More like..."Oh Fidel we miss you sooooooooooo much...please talk to us and we won't let those pesky former Commie countries talk bad about you." The dialogue is pure unadulterated BS that is going nowhere fast. I can't believe anyone is even talking about it. I bet my salary to Phil's that nothing concrete is going to come out of this.

Anonymous said...

"Political dialogue?" This means endless one-sided harangues, identical to the last 50 years. The Euros are a disgrace - first imposing sanctions because of the jailing of the 75 in 2003, and then, after the regime told them to "drop dead, abjectly abolishing the sanctions to engage in "more dialogue." Ay, Cuba.

Fantomas said...

Fidel castro no es un hombre digno Phil

Es un cobarde de tres pares cojones

Anonymous said...

anon 10:24, excuse me, but are you attempting to make some kind of point?

Anonymous said...

certainly the castros can talk about dignity , anyway they have more than they need.nice house , plenty of foods , and wine !.they have been killing the people litle by litle. now they want to kill them all together .genocide!