Thursday, September 11, 2008

U.S. Bishops to Bush: expand aid by lifting restrictions

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote President Bush to urge that he remove regulatory impediments to hurricane relief by U.S. organizations and individuals. Excerpt:

At times of crisis, there are simple and basic acts of charity on which people rely. Churches, as well as governments, urge people to reach out and respond with generosity to those in desperate need. The United States has a tradition of such assistance for which it can be rightly proud. At this time, all should be done to facilitate humanitarian assistance, be it through institutions like Catholic Relief Services, or through the generosity of individuals moved by the misfortune of their brothers and sisters. Removing restrictions on remittances and travel to Cuba are a necessary step which I urge you to take without delay.

The full text is here.


Fantomas said...

Where is the vatican help?

How about 2 or 3 planes full of aid

Anonymous said...

I support the bishop's stand.

Anonymous said...

one wonders if the Bishops know the US is the largest supplier of humanitarian assistance to Cuba in the world BY FAR. Probably not, since the MSM would never report that.