Friday, May 1, 2009

Cuban leadership

Thanks to a reader’s tip, here’s an item from the Federation of American Scientists’ blog that links to two reports from the Open Source Center, a U.S. government unit that compiles and analyzes unclassified information for the Director of National Intelligence. (It used to be called the Foreign Broadcast Information Service.) The reports are an overview of the current Cuban leadership and a chart of the leadership of the government and the party. Both are dated April 2009.


Unknown said...

What's new?

leftside said...

What's new?Half the Council of Ministers and half the total Ministers are new.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Leftside but the most senior leadership policy making positions are the usual suspects: heavy on original revolutionaries and generals. The chart leaves out one group of cadres: the provincial PCC and Poder Popular leaders. They are the ones that renew the national leadership at the operational level.

Viewing this chart I have been able to answer my question: what does the Cuban government want? Depends.

Vecino de NF