Monday, May 11, 2009

Travel news

  • The St. Petersburg Times asks whether Cuba can “ever regain its place as the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean.” Answer: not likely. The world has changed, and the opportunity not longer exists to be the only gambling destination outside Las Vegas.

  • The on-line travel vendor Orbitz starts a website to push for an end to U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba, and releases a poll that found Americans in favor of ending travel restrictions, 67-23.

  • Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez, prompted by a letter to a Dominican Republic newspaper, reiterates his view that Cuban travel controls are “absurd” and pledges to “continue to propose everywhere that Cuban citizens should have the right to enter and leave their country when they wish.”


Anonymous said...

the idea of Cuba as "Monte Carlo of the Caribbean" is just another example of extreme ignorance and intellectual laziness about pre-Castro Cuba. Of course, Havana had gambling, but no more or less than any international city of the time, which Havana was. But it seems dopes want to believe the mythology that "the Mob" ran Cuba -- probably just a coincidence too that it serves the regime's purposes.


leftside said...

Who here was calling Silvio a "bootlicker"? Do bootlickers usually go out of their way to publicly oppose regime policies?

Anonymous said...

chingon, you got to be kidding. really "havana had gambling, but no more more less than any international city...''
compare havana to any major american city pre-revolution and tell me how many casinos NY or Chicago etc had compared to Havana. or any international ciyt, london, paris etc, havana proportionately had the way over the top. NO city in the world was infiltrated by the mob like Havana was -- as all part of their set up to run the whole country.
the mob ran havana, and that's what all that mattered.
read Havana Nights and then come back with something intelligent.

the mob had batista in his back pocket, there is so much overwhelminig evidence.

that's the problem with these gusanos; cuba was a paradise before castro, everyone was so happy that the americans ran everything. all was great, now all is bad. really sick.