Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More on the USAID detainee

  • More reporting on the detained American USAID contractor from the Herald and Politico, based on Administration briefings to Congress. Both mention a “high-security prison” – is there such a thing as a low-security prison in Cuba?

  • Tracey Eaton has gathered information on the USAID program and efforts to expand the reach of information technology in Cuba; see here, here, here, and here.


Anonymous said...

Fl. legislators illustrate nothing more than nationalistic imperali mind-set.

While well-intentioned the USAID contrator was breaking international law - you can send agents in other countires with the primary purpose of fomenting regime change.

No country, particuarly in developing world, would allow that!!

but fl. legislators obviously have no regard for international law. Regardless of the goodness of intentions, it is an act of war for one country to try to manipulate domestic affairs of another country.

I thought that right wingers hated government - invention. Yet somehow, they now want our government to 'intervene' in the affairs of other countries - but not our own????????

hypocrisy knows no end.

Cato has it right. Anything else on the right is pure evil propoganda. They only want gov. internetion to start wars I guess, but not to provide health care.

Anonymous said...

right wing nuts love govt intervention in support of corporate interests. they are the definition of hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

the second something like this incident is connected in any way to the United States government or policies towards Cuba; the second Cuba has the absolute right to move against it.
Once the Americans end the travel restrictions, the embargo and the hostile policies designed to overthrown a legitimate foreign government, then and only then can you see this beyond what it really is; a further threat to national security issues -- as far as the Cubans are concerned.
It is not about false claims of democracy and communication; it is simply another weapon the Americans are using in their war against Cuba based on lost control. End the siege.

Anonymous said...

tell you what, imbecile, just combine all your predictible gibberish into one post instead of trying to convince everyone there's more than one of you.


Anonymous said...

So let's get this line of thinking down on the right:

US Gov intervention on foreign soil = good (and is efficient, and not waste of tax payers money)

Gov. intervention in USA = bad, corrupt , waste of tax payers, bad on economy, drain on innovation

Gov. can actually help build a foreign nation and change its system, yet it can seem to get the mariginal tax rates right here at home

Anonymous said...

wow those are some really deep thoughts

Anonymous said...

why should the cuban govt be scared of someone passing out laptops, radios and cell phones in cuba? are those illegal there?

Fantomas said...

some of you still dont understand the best thing humanity can do is to end the dictatorship in Cuba

so if it takes passing cellulars, laptops, computers, walki takies, beepers, let it be

Anonymous said...

"legitimate foreign government"? Cuba? WTF? When that election took place, I most have missed it?

Anonymous said...

hey pidgen, are you blog moderator here? if not, then STFU

Anonymous said...

sorry mr gusano, elections are not the only form of determining a legitimate government. (See US election 2000 and 2004 as proof)
sorry you really can't get your mind around this, when the majority of a people support the government, that's legitimacy. i know you try and pretend the govt is so repressive, and that the public does'nt support it. but you are, of course, wrong.

and for fantamos -- what you don't understand is that it's not the united states to determine what government the cubans want - and this latest example just shows how continuing arrogant and stupid american policy is. your way has been an unmitigated failure for 50 years, all it has done is bring misery and poverty to Cuba and yet your side promotes it as something moral. absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

On Planet Idiota, it is the United States that has brought misery and poverty to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Lefty has been working overtime lately.

Anonymous said...

On Planet Idiota, elections are not the only form of determining a legitimate government.