Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Postcard from Las Piedras, Cuba

From David Adams, now with PODER magazine, a video postcard from Havana on the housing situation, the communities of squatters on the city’s outskirts, and what motivates people to come to Havana.


leftside said...

The proud Chicago magazine In These Times is focusing its next issue on Cuba. Except, rather than the usuaul suspects saying the same thing, Achy Obejas brought together a wide variety of voices from inside Cuba. Not to be missed.

Anonymous said...


Lest us not forget, that cuba is developing world. One of the most inacurracte methods of analyzing Cuba is to compare it to USA. A developing country should never be analyzed to developed world. Wholly inacurate.

Housing is far worse (and more widespread) for poor in Mexico and particularly Hati and Jamicica. No edu for them or water.

Anonymous said...

Cuba only became part of the Third World when Castro took over, so don't give us that crap.

leftside said...

Right, as soon as the backward hinterlands of Cuba began to get literacy, health, social security, control of the land, better housing, roads, water, sewers and electricity - it immediately turned into a developing country. Right you are.