Friday, April 16, 2010

Odds and ends

  • EFE: Like many thousands of other Cubans, dissident Martha Beatriz Roque has acquired Spanish citizenship.

  • Herald: “A Chilean executive questioned by Cuban prosecutors in a corruption case has been found dead in Havana, the latest twist in a burgeoning scandal that has snared two Fidel Castro protégés and several other Cubans.” Reuters reports a Cuban government statement on the cause of death.

  • El Nuevo Herald has compiled the long exchange between Madrid-based author Carlos Alberto Montaner and Silvio Rodriguez, the singer-songwriter who lives and works in Cuba. Some interesting nuggets in there, but the most interesting fact may be that the exchange took place at all. Granma and other Cuban media mention Montaner from time to time and always trash him – but today Granma publishes a bill of particulars, which may be a sign that the exchange is getting some attention in Cuba.

  • Cuban historian Esteban Morales takes aim at “counterrevolutionaries” in an article published by the artists and writers union – but it’s corrupt high-level officials that he has in mind. AP story in English here, Morales’ article in Spanish here.

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