Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Odds and ends

  • Posada Carriles’ trial has been delayed again but as Tracey Eaton points out, there’s plenty of time before the guy turns 90.

  • Also from Tracey Eaton: notes on the state security agents that posed as dissidents until they unmasked themselves in 2003, following the arrest of the 75. Eaton has photos of two whom he interviewed.

  • The Herald’s Alfonso Chardy on the Reagan-era agreement that allows some of those who came to the United States from Cuba in the Mariel boatlift to be sent back, including the story of one Cuban American who met that fate.

  • The Guardian on the impact and high cost of mobile telephony in Cuba.

  • Granma on efforts to produce the farm tools needed by all the new farmers who received land grants in the past year.

  • No one knows the timing but serious economic change could come soon in Cuba, the political counselor in the U.S. Interests Section says. Cuban Colada translates parts of an article published in Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Dia.

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