Thursday, May 27, 2010

Historic Photos of Cuban Miami

Jose Marti in Key West, Batista at the Miami Beach Rotary Club, Fidel holding forth at the Flagler Theater, JFK at the Orange Bowl greeting the troops he abandoned at the Bay of Pigs – all this, plus cityscapes and a photographic chronicle of el exilio from the first Calle Ocho bodegas to sights and personalities we recognize today.

In Historic Photos of Cuban Miami, author Jennifer Ortiz scoured photo archives to create a well selected, well captioned sweep of a city with longer links to Cuba than many would imagine.

Two favorites: a poignant shot of a meeting of the Bayamo city government in exile (slogan: “Nada tengo mientras no tengo patria”) and a circa-1965 backyard scene where an Anglo cop is talking to a Cuban family, apparently about that pig hanging by its nose from that tree near the picnic table over there…

Find it here.

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