Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Odds and ends

  • CubaEncuentro posts a video from Maria Elvira Live, an interview with attorney Enrique Zamora who delivers inheritances to Cubans when their relatives die in the United States and leave money to them. Under the Bush Administration, heirs could receive only $100 per month; in this interview we learn that they can now receive the entire inheritance. An earlier note on this here. Good for the Obama Administration for ending one of the most ridiculous applications of Cuba sanctions that one could imagine.

  • EFE: The Madrid Chamber of Commerce visits Havana with 14 companies seeking business opportunities; discussions center on “legal security” and the frozen bank accounts of Spanish firms already operating there.

  • Granma summarizes a report from La Repubblica on suicides in Italian jails: 26 this year.

  • The Reds sign Cuban outfielder Felix Perez from Isla de la Juventud and will place him on a minor league team. El Nuevo Herald’s story recounts how Perez nearly joined the Yankees last year but lied about his age (he was 24, not 20) and was suspended from Major League Baseball.

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