Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Odds and ends

  • In the Herald, former oil executive Jorge Pinon argues that it is in Cuba’s interest, and ours, for Cuba to achieve energy independence, and that our two governments should work now to reach agreement on emergency response actions in the event that an accident occurs in Cuba’s offshore drilling program.
  • Here’s an interesting story in last week’s El Nuevo Herald about a Cuban television personality, Osvaldo Doimeadiós, who is visiting Miami and was given a short-term contract to appear on the MegaTV program Esta Noche tu Night. Some of the locals don’t like the competition from him and others recently arrived from Cuba. One calls it an “invasion.” Or you could call it “competition.”
  • Herald: A Florida Congressman wants the President to take “swift action,” whatever that means, with regard to Cuba’s offshore oil drilling.

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