Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Odds and ends

· Catholic News Agency: The Archdiocese of Havana announces that three more political prisoners will soon be released from jail and head to Spain. They are Ciro Perez Santana, Arturo Suarez Ramos, and Rolando Jimenez Posada. To catch up on some other reports: There is talk of additional prisoner releases (Reuters) including some in jail for charges related to terrorism (Miami Herald); the United States has been making arrangements for some of those in Spain to settle in the United States (AP); and the Catholic Church says seven of the prisoners have said they do not want to leave their country (AP).

· Cuban media report that an oil leak caused a fire today in the transformer in the electrical plant of the flagship Hermanos Ameijeiras hospital, and that it was brought under control.

· In Puerto Rico, the United States defeated Cuba 4-1 in the qualifying round for the Pan American games, and they may face each other again (mlb.com). Back home, Aroldis Chapman got his first postseason experience with the Reds, who lost their division series round to the Phillies (mlb.com).

· Cable delay: AP reports on this Prensa Latina article about the fiber optic cable that is going to connect Santiago with Venezuela. Its cost estimate is a little higher than before and it will come on line July 2011 at the earliest.

· Chucho Valdes and his band, about to start a U.S. tour with a Chicago concert and an October 30 stop in Washington.

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